Ultimate KETO Low Carb Pizza!

For all you low-carb and keto dieters out there: mourn no more. WE’RE BRINGIN’ PIZZA BACK—keto style! Because pizza for all and all for pizza. No carbs? No crust? No problem. There are a zillion ways to pizza. (Yes, pizza is also a verb.) And we’ve gotta eat ‘em all. (If YOU'VE gotta eat 'em all, too, we have another LOW CARB pizza with a chicken crust on which you can chow down.)

Lucky for you (and us), this low carb pizza features what’s perhaps the planet’s most beloved food—BACON. Savory, decadent, any-and-all times of day, all kinds of ways, bacon tantalizes our tongues and fills our fantasies, much like pizza does. If you’re average and living in the U.S. or U.K., you eat 18 pounds of the crispy, salty stuff each year! More than half of you have bacon in the house right now. And who can blame you?

Not us. We’re living in the age of baconmania, and it’s awesome. Bacon for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Candied or chocolate-dipped bacon for dessert. Bacon-flavored candy canes and gumballs. The Bacontini cocktail. WE CAN’T GET ENOUGH BACON. And we’ve got a whole lot of it for you in our Ultimate Keto Low Carb Pizza. Check out the recipe below, and learn about everybody’s favorite food along the way.

The Basics of Bacon: Delicious. & Healthy?

In case you didn’t know, bacon is pork...that’s been cured with salt or brine. Most bacon in the U.S. is smoked, but in the U.K. and Ireland you can also find unsmoked bacon, known as “green bacon.” Seems pretty simple—salty pig—so why do we love it so much?? Turns out bacon contains 6 types of umami flavor, and umami floods the brain with all sorts of feel-good neurochemicals that get us hooked. Basically, we’re addicted to bacon. (No surprise here.) And, luckily, there are SO many different kinds and cuts of bacon to get hooked on all over the world:

  • U.S.: pork belly
  • Canada: pork loin (back)
  • England: pork shoulder and ham

In Italy, they even make a specialty bacon called guanciale, using pig cheeks! In Germany, bacon is so beloved, they’ve got multiple names to call it by. The German word speck (pronounced shpek) refers to the fat contained in cuts of pork, and you can find bauchspeck (pork belly), rückenspeck (pork back), and schinkenspeck (pork hip). And, there’s the ever-popular frühstücksspeck—breakfast bacon. But, any way you slice it, it’s still bacon. And it’s still delicious. Even though bacon has gotten a pretty bad reputation these days, it may not be as guilty of a pleasure as you think…

Almost half of the fat in bacon is actually monounsaturated fat (often labeled “the good fat”). And, while most people worry about the high saturated fat content in bacon, new science has gifted us with the knowledge that saturated fat ain’t so bad! There’s actually NO evidence that shows saturated fats cause heart disease—you can thank good ‘ol trans fats for that. Especially if you’re on a ketogenic diet, that saturated fat is good, too! And, even the dreaded sodium content of bacon is great for keto dieters. Since insulin levels are lower on a low carb diet, your body will flush out salt faster, your sodium levels will drop, and you’ll need more salt. Or, worried about nitrates and nitrites? There’s actually more nitrites in one serving of arugula than there are in 467 hotdogs!

All science mumbo jumbo aside: bacon good. Eat The Bacon.

A Slice of Bacon's History

Perhaps bacon is so darn good because humans have been perfecting the art for SO long—around 3,500 years! As far as historians can tell, the Chinese were the first to start salting pork bellies back in 1500 B.C. The Ancient Greeks and Romans carried on the salty pig tradition, and the Romans even had a special dish known as petaso, made of salted pig shoulder, figs, and a pepper sauce. So, how did we get to “bacon?” It all started in bacon-loving Germany with the word bakko, which came from the root “-bak” (a.k.a. the back of the pig). Then the French transformed it into bacco, the Middle English took on bacoun, and at some point we ditched the “u.”

The Middle English REALLY loved bacon, so much so that it became a prize doled out by the church. In the 12th century, English churches would award a “flitch”—a side of bacon—to any man who swore before God that he and his wife had not argued for a year and a day. (Yep, seriously. Only 365 argument-less days? Sorry, no dice.) And, believe it or not, that’s where we got the phrase “bringing home the bacon.” History rocks, doesn’t it? Bacon was such a big deal in England, that’s where the very first bacon factory opened in 1770, paving the way for our modern baconmania.

And, of course, bacon has been an American staple for some time—and we’ve found plenty to do with it besides eat it. Yes, there’s bacon-scented bath soap. Someone also tried to invent a Wake ‘n Bacon alarm clock that would wake bacon lovers from their salty dreams with the scent of freshly-cooked bacon. And, an artist even crafted a bust of Kevin Bacon with 7 bottles of bacon bits and a whole lotta glue. But, back in WWII, the U.S. of A. collected leftover bacon grease from households to use in the war effort. The grease could be used to create glycerin, which could be used to create munitions like gunpowder and bombs. Bacon bombs, folks. Now that’s bacon it to the next level.

    Low Carb Pizza

    Bacon Bits, For The Brain

    And now it’s time for the Bacon Facts of the Day!

    • Mark your calendars: September 3rd is International Bacon Day.
    • A 250-pound pig yields about 23 pounds of bacon.
    • Denmark consumes THE MOST bacon in the entire world.
    • In the U.S., the biggest bacon-eating cities are New York City, Los Angeles, and San Antonio.
    • In a poll in Canada, nearly 1 in 4 men said bacon was their favorite scent.
    • Waffle House serves nearly 800 million strips of bacon per year!
    • In Ann Arbor, Michigan, bacon-enthusiasts can take cooking classes, listen to pork-loving speakers, and enjoy other bacon-related activities at Bacon Camp.
    • You can formally worship bacon by joining the more than 13,000 members of the officially-sanctioned “Church of Bacon.” All types of bacon are embraced, including turkey bacon and vegetarian bacon. You just have to live by their commandment: “Praise Bacon!”
    • In England, the company TMI is using the bacon fat produced in their cooking to make an environmentally-friendly bio-diesel fuel.
    • Also in England, Elizabeth Browne suffered the first recorded death-by-bacon. As she was warming by the fire, 4 sides of uncooked bacon fell from a hook and crushed her. We’re not sure how many bacon-related deaths have transpired since.

    Low Carb Pizza

          Low-Carbers Rejoice: Eat The Keto Pizza

          If you don’t love bacon as much as we do, that’s okay. And, if all of these bits of bacon knowledge haven’t captured your heart, that’s also okay. We’re sure you’ll change your mind once you get your teeth around this Ultimate Keto Pizza. So get to bakin’ this bacon and Eat The Pizza already.

          Ultimate Keto Low Carb Pizza Ingredients:

          Bacon Crust

          • 1 lb bacon

          A big thank you to Savory Reviews for this GENIUS bacon pizza crust recipe!


          • 2 avocados
          • 1-2 Tbsp garlic paste
          • salt, to taste
          • pepper, to taste
          • ½ lime, juiced


          • green bell pepper, chopped
          • pepperoni
          • sliced mushrooms
          • red onion, thinly sliced
          • sliced black olives
          • pecans halves
          • shredded cheddar cheese
          • any other toppings you like!


                                  To make your Bacon Pizza Crust:

                                  1. Preheat the oven to 400°F (200°C).
                                  2. Place a sheet of parchment paper on a sheet pan. (Use a pan with a little lip to catch the grease that will render off!)
                                  3. Lay out 4 strips of bacon vertically on the lined pan, side by side. (If you want a bigger keto pizza crust, use 8 strips!)
                                  4. Then, “weave” horizontal strips of bacon across the vertical bacon strips. Start by folding every other vertical piece of bacon in half (so they touch end-to-end). Then place a horizontal strip across the middle of the vertical bacon, on top of the the 2 unfolded strips. Unfold the other vertical strips so they cover that horizontal strip.
                                  5. Next, fold over the 2 vertical bacon strips that you previously left flat. Place the next horizontal piece of bacon across the vertical strips, right next to the first horizontal piece.
                                  6. Repeat 2 more times until your bacon crust is woven!
                                  7. Place bacon weave in the oven for 25-35 minutes, until the bacon is crispy and cooked through!

                                  To assemble your Low Carb Pizza:

                                  • In a large bowl, mash avocados. Mix in garlic paste, season to taste, and finish with a squeeze of lime.
                                  • When bacon crust has finished baking, allow to cool slightly. Carefully transfer from pan to a cutting board or large tray.
                                  • Spread mashed avocado ‘sauce’ on top of bacon crust.
                                  • Layer on toppings and sprinkle with cheese.
                                  • Slice, serve, and Eat The KETO PIZZA!

                                      Yields 1 salty, crispy, bacon-licious, keto-friendly low carb pizza.

                                      Low Carb Pizza

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