Hear ye, hear ye! On this sacred National Pizza Day, this 9th day of February in the year of 2018, we send out this decree to all fellow Pizza Freaks: it’s time to freakin’ pizza party. AND, we're celebrating reaching 10,000 SUBSCRIBERS on Eat The Pizza Show!

If today isn’t a day to celebrate, then what is?? Christmas? Thanksgiving? Psht. Evergreen trees and overfed turkeys got nothin’ on pizza. And you know it. National Pizza Day is a day that will live in cheesy glory for all of time. We’re pretty sure it was only invented in the early 2000s—nobody really knows—but from here on out, cheesy glory.

Because pizza is life, life is pizza, and pizza gives us life. Today is the time to give thanks, to celebrate the long history and future of pizza. So, in proper observance of National Pizza Day, we threw a pizza party like it was 1999. With a pizza cake. And a pizza piñata. Now, it’s your turn. Here’s how to celebrate National Pizza Day. The RIGHT way. 

And, check out all of the best pizza deals so you can get more pies for your buck today! 

*NOTE: National Pizza Day is not to be confused with:

  • National Pizza Month in October
  • International Pizza Day on January 1st
  • National Cheese Pizza Day on September 5th
  • National Pepperoni Pizza Day on September 20th
  • National Pizza Party Day on the 3rd Friday in May
  • National Pizza With the Works Except Anchovies Day on November 12th

Got it?

National Pizza Day Pizza Cake

Make The Pizza. For Every Meal.

Show your devotion to pizza with an all-day pizza feast. Because today is a day to love pizza and to reflect on our gratitude for pizza. And to eat the pizza. All day long. If you’re looking for pie-deas, here are some all-day menu options to fill up your plate—over and over again:






Take The Pizza. To The Max.

It’s THE National Day of Pizza. If you’re a true Pizza Freak, you can’t treat it like just another day. Think beyond your standard cheese or pepperoni pie. Have your pizza and eat it too—but first, take it TO THE MAX. How, you ask?

Adventure into the fourth dimension. Of Pizza. Make a cake. Out of pizzas. Pizzas on pizzas on pizzas. Repeated six times. Equals: Cheesy Gooey Carb-O-Licious Layered Pizza Cake.

The perfect precursor to dessert: our pizza-inspired cake. (Recipe at the end of the post.)

Eat The Pizza. For Free. Or At A Discount.

For the more laid back Pizza Freaks, you can always order a few (dozen) pizzas. Of course, National Pizza Day is nationally recognized by our hardworking pizza purveyors, and they’re making it easy for you to celebrate. Because pizza for all. And all for pizza. Here are some drool-worthy deals that can save you big bucks, so you can eat all the pizza—at a discount.

*WARNING: All of these pizza deals apply “at participating locations,” according to the fine print on various websites & ads. Deals may vary based on where you live.

Pizza Hut:

  • Hut Rewards members can get 30% off ALL menu-priced pizzas! That deal should be delivered to your Hut Reward’s account to cash in today. And if you’re not a Hut Rewards member, you probably should be.


  • So, not a pizza-day-specific deal, but Domino's Devotee's can get any TWO of these special items—medium 2-topping pizzas, stuffed cheesy bread, oven-baked sandwiches, 8-piece boneless chicken, pastas, bread twists, marbled cookie brownie (& salads)—for JUST $5.99!

Papa John’s:

  • Children of Papa can pay just $12 for a Dual Layer Pepperoni Pizza, all month long, until March 5th!

Pilot Flying J Travel Centers/Gas Stations:

  • Stop in for a FREE slice today! Just be sure to download their my Pilot app.

Little Caesar’s:

  • Upgrade a classic pepperoni pizza to their EXTRAMOSTBESTTEST and get extra pepperoni & cheese for just a single buck. Not just today, but any day (or as long as the deal lasts).

Hungry Howie’s:

  • Howie's has TONS of deals and coupons for you Pizza Freaks to use any day, any time. How about a whopping 2 medium 1-topping pizzas PLUS Howie Bread for $15!

Godfather’s Pizza:

  • The Godfather’s got any 2 large 1-topping pizzas for ya for $22—today, tomorrow, 'til the deal stops.

California Pizza Kitchen:

  • You can normally upgrade your pizza to the new cauliflower crust at Cali Pizza Kitchen for $2.50, but TODAY you can upgrade for FREE!


  • Use the pizza delivery app/website to snag a pizza from your favorite local pizzeria. And, you can use the code "PIZZADAY" today AND tomorrow to get $5 off your order of $10 or more!


  • Yeah, you can score dessert pizza, too. BR has a new Sweetheart Polar Pizza Ice Cream Treat and they’re giving out free samples TODAY for National Pizza Day from 3 to 7 p.m.!
  • If you’re thinking, “eh, whatever,” get this: it’s a pizza made with heart-shaped, double-fudge brownie crust, topped with their Love Potion #31 ice cream, fudge brownie pieces, and marshmallowy goodness.
  • And, if you’re lookin’ to score a Valentine as well, you should probably bring the Apple of Your Eye along for a taste.

Wear The Pizza.

Your Christmas sweaters should be long gone and packed away by now. ‘Tis the season for pizza swag. If, somehow, you dropped the ball on getting your pizza gear this year, it’s never too early to stock up for next year. And, you know as well as us, pizza’s in fashion year-round. Until the end of time.



        Challenge The Pizza Freak

        There’s nothing like a bit of friendly competition to bring out the best pizzas in us. Round up your pizza pals for a PIZZA CHALLENGE. Pick your pizza theme, set out a strategy, and get to cookin’. 

        You can turn sugary breakfast cereals into sugary pizzas. It doesn’t even matter if you’re vegan, we did a Vegan Pizza Challenge. Because vegans are pizza freaks, too. Heck, you can challenge each other to make Healthy Whole30 Pizzas, if you’re into that sort of thing. We don’t care, just take a challenge and step up to a pizza plate.

        BOTTOM LINE: Who can make the most craveable pizza? Let your Pizza Freak Flag fly and see who’s creation reigns supreme.

        Or, get extra kooky and freaky and try The YouTube Pizza Challenge for yourselves.* 

        *WARNING TO ALL TASTEBUDS: Be prepared for adventure. Not for the faint of tongue.

        Give The Pizza. As A Gift.

        The true joy of pizza is in giving it away.

        PSYCHE! The true joy of pizza is in eating it—duh! By all means, invite your friends, family, and the whole neighborhood to your all-day pizza feast. Welcome new friends with a “slice to meet you.” But, we’re talkin’ bout pizza gifts that’ll last a lifetime. 

        Commemorate National Pizza Day by giving your fave Pizza Freak some of the finest pizza swag. With a pizza-covered iPhone case, pizzatastic tote bag, or pizza plastered on their coffee mug, they’ll always remember that pizza’s out there. Making life worthwhile. Now THAT is the gift worth giving. We’ve even got swag for the fun-sized kiddo Pizza Freaks out there. And maybe snag something for yourself while you’re at it.


          National Pizza Day Pizza Cake

          Bake The Pizza. And Frost It.

          And now, for the National Pizza Day pièce de résistance: PIZZA CAKE. Not to be confused with our cheesy, saucy, layered pizza cake! A real, sweet, dessert cake, frosted up pizza style. Because pizza and cake were made for each other—at 8-year-olds’ birthday parties, and on National Pizza Day. So, get to baking, get to celebrating, and enjoy every bite of pizza on this day (and every day).

          Eat The Pizza-Inspired Cake.


          • 1 box yellow cake mix (+ eggs & oil, or whichever ingredients your cake mix calls for)
          • 1 tub white frosting
          • raspberry preserves
          • white chocolate, grated
          • fruit roll-up, cut into pepperonis


                                    1. Prepare yellow cake mix according to package directions. Bake into a circular cake pan.
                                    2. Once cake is baked, remove from oven and allow to cool.
                                    3. Mix together white frosting and raspberry jam. Spread onto cake pizza crust as your “sauce.”
                                    4. Top with grated white chocolate as your “mozzarella cheese” and fruit roll-up “pepperonis!”
                                    5. Slice, serve, and eat the pizza cake!

                                      Yields 1 sweet, sugary, celebratory pizza cake. Happy Pizza Day, everybody.

                                      National Pizza Day Pizza Cake

                                      Like the Eat The Pizza swag from this episode? Get it here!